Beer is as old as human history. In some pagan cultures it even had its own God, beer is the connecting elixir between others, it’s a drink which has its own bars and stores, dedicated holidays and trips. If you look at it from the side, it’s truly a special drink, being even the third-most-popular drink on Earth, after water and tea. 


What’s not to love? If you’re the kind of person who loves an ice-cold beer after a long day – there is nothing wrong with that, we’re right there with you. Cheers! 


Grad this pin on the way to the bar, pin it to your denim jacket, or your after-hours blazer lapel!


  • COMPOSITION                                   Brass & Colorful Enamels

  • SIZE                                                    H: 2.5cm, W: 1.7cm

  • BACKING                                            Butterfly Clutch

  • PACKAGING                                       A custom design card, perfect for gifting 

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