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Enamel Pin "Fig Sign"

Enamel Pin "Fig Sign"

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Sometimes we’re all tired and fed up – no words needed, only a sign. We created this pin while thinking of what it means to us, in our culture. It refers to giving somebody the fig as an insult to another, usually, a rude gesture called the fig or fico. In simple words, it’s a much more kind and appropriate way to say “f you” without coming off as a total bastard. So, you can even wear it to the office when chatting with clients! 


Nevertheless, this symbol has many more meanings.  


In some places in the world (including Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Serbia, and Turkey among others) it’s considered a very rude thing to show, almost like calling somebody an unforgivable name! Yet, in Ancient Greece and Rome this gesture was a good luck charm created to scare away the evil eye, but also a protective fertility symbol. They saw that the thumb-in-fist looked a lot like the women's genitalia and that the thumb sticking up in between the pointer and middle finger reminded them of a penis penetrating the female organ.


And lastly, the fig sign is the letter T in American Sign language! 


So whichever meaning works for you, embrace it in your own way and beware of using it the wrong way at the wrong time!


COMPOSITION: Brass and Colorful Enamel

SIZE: H: 2.5 cm, W: 1.5 cm

BACKING: Butterfly Clutch

PACKAGING: A custom design card, perfect for gifting

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