Sun is constant, patient, and always present. The one that shows up in the mornings and leads you to bed in the evenings. Mother of nature and all things beautiful. A symbol of certainty to hold closest to the heart.


Phases of the moon reflect life on Earth, and in those moments everything becomes interconnected and similar. If the moon is full, it can simultaneously change the ocean tides and bring all of your emotions to the surface. If the moon is new, it might trigger the oysters to close and you might want to hide away for a while. It’s good to remember and know, that sometimes, what you feel or think is not for forever. It’s just the moon and his passing phases


Set of 2 enamel pins.


  • COMPOSITION: Brass and Colorful Enamel

  • SIZE: H: 3.5 cm, W: 3.5 cm each

  • BACKING: Butterfly Clutch

  • PACKAGING: A custom design card, perfect for gifting

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Enamel Pins Set "Sun and Moon"

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