"Honey, where are my keys?"

The question of the century.

Have you run numerous laps around the house in your shoes, digging through tote bags and jacket pockets looking for your keys? Did you think to yourself that they HAVE to be somewhere in the house? And did you randomly find them waiting for you on the bathroom sink?


Nothing more than a joke, this is an ironic symbol of losing and finding the most essential things when you need them the most. Hopefully, the next time you lose your keys, this big keyring will help you with the search.


  • COMPOSITION: Coated Brass

  • SIZE: Pendant: H: 7.3 cm, W: 3.4 cm;
    Full height with keyring and clasp: H: 15.7 cm

  • PACKAGING: A custom design card, perfect for gifting

  • DETAILS: Placed on a high-quality silver keyring and C clasp


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Keychain "Where Are My Keys?"