Interested in making
your own enamel pins?

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We’ve already made custom pins for over 200 businesses, events, musicians, and organizations.


We're delighted to offer you the best quality pins with personal consultations throughout the entire design preparation and manufacturing process.


We make enamel pin creation super easy - just let us know your idea.


Whatever stage you are at with your pin creation, MAKE HEADS TURN can help you out - from the idea to the final, custom-made product.

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Frequently asked questions

I already have my own design, how much will it cost to make?

Email us your design with the preferred size of the pin and the wanted quantity and we will calculate the price for you.

I only have an idea, but no final design for the pin, can you help me?

Of course, we have created and designed pins for over 200 businesses, events musicians and organizations. We can draw and create a design that is suited for you as well. If in the middle of our design process you decide to not make the pins anymore, we do charge a small fee for the created design and the design services. But if we confirm the pin design and you order the pins with us – the services are completely free.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom pins?

Absolute minimum order quantity is a 100pcs. ! We just can’t make any less than that, sorry!

Please keep this in mind when writing your enquire.

How much will one custom pin cost? What defines the price?

Usually, the prices vary from €0.80 to €2.50 per piece.

The price can be smaller or bigger, according to your design. The final manufacturing price is calculated when the design is approved by both you and us. The main factors for the price of each pin are the size of the pin, how detailed the design is, the amount of enamel colors used in the pin, how big the order quantity will be (100 pcs., 250 pcs., 500 pcs and so on), etc.

Can I order a sample of my custom pin before making all the rest?

Sorry, but it's not possible. It’s quite a frequent question, but we cannot make a sample of your custom pin design. We can show you samples of other pins that are similar and use the same manufacturing techniques as a guidance, but to make just one custom sample is not possible. 100 pieces is the absolute minimum quantity.

Are there any additional fees?

When ordering a new design for the first time, we create a mold for your pin.

The price varies from €50 - €120, depending on the size and the detailing of the pin.

It is a one-time fee, charged only when ordering the pins for the first time.

The mold is then saved for a very long time, and if you decide to order the same design pins in the future, the mold will be ready, and no additional fees will need to be paid.

How long does it take to make the pins?

Usually, it takes about 15 working days.
Depending on your order quantity and how many other orders we have at the moment, it can take a few days less or a few days more.

How will my pins be packed ?

Basic packaging for each pin is in a simple small plastic bag.
For an extra fee we can pack your pins on the best quality laminated paper cards with your chosen design and even pack the cards into plastic bags for sale.

Message us and we can send you some samples of what we have made for other customers.

Do you make pins only?

Enamel pins are our main and most frequently manufactured product.

But we also can make enamel keychains, enamel magnets, enamel bookmarks, laptop stickers, etc. You name it! Don’t hesitate to ask.

If you already know what size you want your pin to be and at least a preliminary design – send us the image and information and we will calculate the exact price for your pin.

Few pins made by us:

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