A trolleybus is also known as trackless tram or trolley is an electric bus that draws power from dual overhead wires using spring-loaded trolley poles. Everything started in 1882 in the suburbs of Berlin, now there are around 300 trolleybus systems in operation in cities and towns in over 43 countries. Despite that, we’re really happy that this means of transportation were the OG’s of environmentally friendly city commute.


We created this pin to encourage more ecological decisions and also out of the sentiments and nostalgia of our student years! Since 1956 this specific red and yellow trolley has been the iconic means of transportation in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. Riding on the trolley you get to experience a completely separate world of life, with its own rules, different characters and overheard conversations that may not be ever heard on the streets or bars... 


A perfect gift for those who have spent hours on the trolleybus, or the students who still do - it’s a true gold mine for inspiration for jokes or books or even art. A real cultural sack of differences! This detailed pin will make for a beautiful addition to any lapel or bag.  


  • COMPOSITION: Brass and Colorful Enamel

  • SIZE: H: 2 cm, W: 2.5 cm

  • BACKING: Butterfly Clutch

  • PACKAGING: A custom design card, perfect for gifting

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Enamel Pin "Trolleybus"