Thank someone for all those shared brunches together. And for lunches. And pizza parties. And for eating croissants, pasta, pastries, and cookies with you.


In other words - “Thank you for not being trendy and hoping in the gluten-free train.” It's not a matter of fashion. Cakes should be eaten freely if can. Vive le carbs!


This postcard is for those who understand sarcasm. We have no intentions to upset people who can't consume gluten due to their health issues. Actually, we are pretty gloomy you guys can't carelessly grab a croissant in your local bakery. Keep your heads up, sending you a virtual hug!


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  • SIZE: A6 (10.5 cm x 14.8 cm)

 - Blank on the other side

 - Printed on heavy, textured paper

 - Comes packed with a neutral color envelope


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Postcard "Not Gluten-Free"